Treasurer Needed

30th December 2019



The King’s Lynn Foodbank feeds over 400 people a month, providing emergency food to people in crisis and showing love to people in a clear, practical way.

We’ve been amazed with the generosity of volunteers, members of the public, local schools, churches, supermarkets and business. We achieve incredible, life-changing things on the budget we have- but we need your help to make the Foodbank run as we expand.

We’re looking for the following people:

  • Treasurer who has experience of helping charities and seeing visions become reality;

ROLE: Treasurer/Trustee

RESPONSIBLE TO: Chairman and Trustees


  1. To manage finances and to ensure all accounts are up to date and accurate.
  2. To monitor, record and assign restricted funding to applicable charity expenditure.
  3. To file receipts/invoices against charity expenditure.
  4. To carry out bank reconciliations on a monthly basis.
  5. To bank money received from any source promptly with support from the Foodbank administrator.
  6. To make any payments on behalf of foodbank.
  7. To ensure our debit card account is balanced, to around £500, as described in our Constitution.
  8. To ensure any regular payments (e.g. Wages) are paid on time.
  9. To produce wage slips on a monthly basis using Sageone online with support from local accountants.
  10. To balance petty cash regularly.
  11. To present a financial update to each meeting of the Trustees/Management Team.
  12. To keep the bank mandate up to date and notify any changes to the bank as necessary.
  13. To compile and file gift aid returns for tax reclaim.
  14. To ensure we meet our obligation for automatic pension enrolment.
  15. To ensure the annual accounts are examined and, once approved, filed with the Charities Commission.
  16. To work with other Trustees on future developments and forecasts of expenditure.

Skills Required

The treasurer does not need to be a qualified accountant. However, some bookkeeping experience would be of use. Anyone taking on the role would need to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to foodbank matters with some busier periods requiring additional time. In the course of their duties the post holder will need to communicate with the Bank, the charities commission and HMRC and may need to interpret and act on guidance provided by these organisations.

Support in the Role

We pay a small retaining fee to a local accountancy company. This fee allows us to approach them with any question pertaining to financial matters, as part of this fee they also complete the wage slips and calculate the paye amounts monthly so the treasurer can make the payment . The same company also carrys out our examination of accounts and charity submission.

If you have previous experience in the above area and share our vision of seeing hungry people fed and broken lives restored, then please contact: [email protected]


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